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stupid triptank didn't accept any of my stupid pitches stupid jerks!

whoa! this might be my favorite cartoon of yours yet, after allllllllllll these years. I even had to tell Gail to turn down "Maid in Manhattan" so I could hear it!

i am over 20 years of age

not a cartoon for people who like xena or hercules (starring kevin sorbo).

getting your kid kidnapped: priceless

i think this is a chilling portrayal of the american park system, a system full of marauders who know nothing of love or family, only marauding.

how do i know it was the AMERICAN park system? because of the hot air balloon of course. it was symbolism, referring to the necessity we, as a nation, seem to place in useless devices, devices which clutter our lives, and ultimately, lead to our downfall.

you are the new newt gingrich.

TheMeEvan responds:

See, as i say over and over, alanthebox is a artist, who knows his art. he got it dead on ,THANK YOU

the greatest

alright, i've been in film school for 4 years now, and the editing in this was ridiculously better then 99% of the stuff by my classmates (some of whom are in their 30's). the editing was really inventive. the strange break towards the end of the song was perfect. the whole thing is insanely funny. INSANELY FUNNY. insanely doesn't even look right capitalized. it looks like a totally different word, doesn't it.

dookiemoole responds:

thanks a lot! i'm actuaklly thinking of becoming a director but this isn't the kind of stuff i would call professional

so underrated

your work is definitely some of the best on this site. the humor is just... indescribable. it left me speechless. i hope you will continue submitting material to this site, even if so few seem to appreciate it.

bizarre charm

it has this strange charming quality... it's hard to put your finger on it... but it carries the movie past its noticable lack of animation which most people have complained about, but i had no problem with. the lack of movement gave me a chance to really listen and digest the dialogue (which was brilliant, by the way).
i'm a huge fan of free flowing random conversations. they hint on themes and ideas, and kind of suggest the endless possibilities of human interaction.

this is a hilarious movie, but definitely not meant for the bulk of newgrounds users (sadly).

who authorized this?!

as the creator of the b&w drama theater series, i am appalled that you have the audacity, the sheer audacity, to... nevermind, i'm just kidding. i thought it turned out very well.

i felt the pupiless eyes, in a way, represented the blindness associated with christmas, a time meant for family and spirtuality, but instead a time when all we seem to see is presents, greed, gluttony, etc. we lose sight or what is important and that is what i felt this cartoon, as apparent in the pupiless eyes, represented. they also symbolized a departure from the original b&w drama theater, almost representing a different consciousness, a different mindset, but at the same time they followed the same logic outlined in the b&w drama theater charter.

(i am going for the maximum 4096 character review)

now let us examine the notion of a 'tribute.' what does a tribute imply and how does the idea of a tribute effect the context of the work? does it give it some new meaning, or elevate it in some way? we can gather that you are a fan or are in some way interested in the b&w drama theater. this is something i knew previously, and thus, i can not give an objective examination as my views are already tainted (not the best word). but to all other non-b&w drama theater entities, there is some mysterious, almost whimsical property inherent in the act of a tribute. is it emulation? what is emulation? perhaps the original b&w drama theater was nothing more then an emulation? maybe it was a tribute, even if on a subconscious level. a tribute to my youth, perhaps? to the ideas and concepts of my youth? the cartoons and sitcoms i once held so dear? perhaps b&w drama theater represents more then just ridiculousness, perhaps it represents the very fiber of childhood humor. which raises the question 'what is humor?' is humor something that can ever truly be grasped? we can further examine this by questioning the act of laughing. what causes laughter? it is a global phenomenon, one present at birth. why is this? what causes these reverse breaths? and why do i cough if i laugh too much? why should my throat be sore as a result of something as wonderful as laughter? is it a reminder?

but back to the cartoon. the most obvious visible departure, after the eyes, is the very use of lines. i prefer the brush, for it's unevenness. but in this cartoon, we can tell the author used the pencil and line tool. this results in much straighter lines. how does this effect us, the viewers? the structure of the background seems to conflict with the very storyline. we are witnessing a sort of spiral, yet we always see straight, even lines. the real world, as we know, is not outlined in straight black lines. does this support this cartoon? do we support this cartoon? and what is suppport. i must admit now that i have been writing this review for so long that i have completely forgotten what the cartoon looked like. were the lines straight? i think they were. but i cannot be sure.

anyways, i enjoyed this submission.

Eleven34 responds:

I agree with everything you said, I am appalled too.

not very good... at all

it was very generic. bad art. bad timing. a plot that was either so loosely tied together that no one but you (the author) could understand, or there was no plot at all.

anyways, you said i should check out your movies since they were so much better, and i did.
and this was definitely a let down.
what exactly did you hope to accomplish with this piece?

TaKEitOrLUMPiT responds:

I hoped to accomplish world peace.

the power of stuffed crust pizza compels you.

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