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Feature length film in the works.

Posted by AlantheBOX - July 16th, 2007

When I was 11, my parents purchased a computer. It was a Packard Bell with 20mb of disk space, a word processor, solitaire, ms paint, an encyclopedia, and a program called Action, which was sort of like a prehistoric version of PowerPoint. Somehow, though, I figured out a way to make extremely crude animations and choose-your-own-adventure games.

When I was 12, I got a paper route. I saved up enough money and bought myself a video camera. Using my little brother's Micro-Machines and small explosives made from the gunpowder found in cap gun rounds, I spent my summer vacation making a series of clumsy stop-motion monster movies.

When I was 19, I downloaded a Flash 5 trial and within a couple of days, I began submitting cartoons to Newgrounds.

Now I am 26 and, through the generous support of Newgrounds (which, in a lot of ways, feels more like an alma mater then a website), I am working on my first full-length movie. Its production has taken me around the world (to exotic locations such as: Barcelona, Paris, and Kansas) and allowed me to meet a handful of my digital collaborators, all of whom I met through Newgrounds. Hopefully this movie will knock your socks off! It's got everything! Galactic symphonies, hot air balloon prison breaks, charlie horse ray guns, astronauts that want to be lumberjacks, pirates that don't want to be pirates, a yawn vortex, the tragic tale of two skin mites, and a friggin' ton more! If your're interested in receiving updates about the movie's completion, go to alanthebox.com and join the mailing list.

It's pretty crazy what you can do with a personal computer these days.



pssshhh, I signed up and I haven't received a single update. I wanna know more about this movie, damn it!

wooooo i cant wait. i loved your 911 preview.

Thats in interesting story.

By the way, how did you almost get arrested?

i was videotaping something on my roof at 3 in the morning and apparently someone saw me crouching behind a ventilation shaft with a large video camera and a fake listening device made out of posterboard. so they called the cops.

I've subscribed, I hope you can manage to make the DVD region free :) Cannot wait.

This will be good.

I hope I can still watch this movie since I live in Argentina.
Will we be able to order a DVD from your site, once it's online again, so that people from other countries can watch it?
Saludos :)

i want more B&W theater cartoons!!! they are the best!

Hahaha! Thats cool.
It sounds pretty epic.
A film can take you places. Can't wait for its release! *fo sryzly*
You should submit it to tons of film festivals EVERYWHERE.

hey im actually making a fulll lenght movie to!!
love your writing and animation.

I honestly can't wait. I love your work. Especially B&W drama theater.
You should put your monster movies up on youtube. lol.

WHAT exactly where you videotaping on your roof at 3 in the morning?

That was quite the inspirational story. It's heartwarming to know that newgrounds can have that profound an effect. honestly i only truly discovered your flashes today, but i have a new found deep appreciation for your work and you as a person. hope your work takes you far. although it is pretty hard to beat a visit to kansas, as far as you go, that may just be the peak of your career.

I hope everything is going well!

Mr. TheBox, your flashes are awesome

I'm so sad you quit the internet.

I don't think he actually quit the internet. I emailed him about it a few months ago and he said his computer had died and he needed a new one.

can't freakin' wait.

Your music makes me happy. Best of luck with your movie dude.

i used your music outside in my animations! thanks

its 2010

so where is it.

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